The Spartan Infrastructure Commitment

Spartan is committed to a company culture of adhering to the highest standards of ethical conduct while meeting or exceeding the Safety, Environmental Sustainability, and Social Responsibility expectations of our stakeholders. Additionally, Spartan is committed to the fundamental principle of mutual respect, integrity, and accountability across all our stakeholder relationships. 

Safety Culture

Spartan is committed to protecting the health and safety of all our employees, project stakeholders, the public, and all others that may be impacted by our operations. Our priority is the prevention of accidents and injuries through the implementation of Spartan’s comprehensive Health and Safety Program.

Environmental Sustainability

Protecting the environment and preserving resources for future generations is a top priority. Spartan is committed to continually improving environmental performance in support of our long-term sustainability goals. 

Social Responsibility

As a responsible corporate citizen, Spartan strives to create a respectful and inclusive work environment that empowers not only our employees and stakeholders, but also the communities in which we live and work.