Rockhaven Wind 138kV

Despite significant schedule delays due to excessive rainfall, Spartan completed this 9-mile, single circuit, 138kV transmission line project by the original substantial completion date, with zero accidents, injuries, or lost time incidents. 

Western Trail 345kV

Spartan rapidly mobilized equipment and personnel to accelerate conductor, OPGW, anchor, and guy wire installation for a section of this 18-mile 345kV transmission line project. Spartan successfully completed construction of the transmission line with zero accidents, injuries, or lost time incidents.

Blue Jay Solar 138kV

Spartan mitigated an adverse schedule impact caused by significant rainfall events by modifying the construction plan to include utilization of timber matting to facilitate safe access to structure sites while also using specialized track mounted equipment to minimize unnecessary property damage. Spartan completed the project two weeks ahead of schedule and successfully restored the ROW to the satisfaction of our customer and private landowners

Port 138kV Transmission Line Connection Project

The Port 138kV Transmission Line Connection project was a single circuit 138kV transmission line construction project located near Victoria, Texas. Construction activities performed by Spartan included the installation of direct embed foundations and concrete poles. The structures installed included anchors and guys at each deadend location. Wire stringing activities included the installation of 795 kcmil “Drake” conductor.

Helena 345kV

Construction activities performed by Spartan included installation of drilled pier and direct embed foundations as well as installation of tangent and deadend structures. Wire installation consisted of two-bundle 795 kcmil 26/7 ACSR “Drake” and two (2) 48-count OPGW. Access road construction and restoration was also included within Spartan’s work scope.  Spartan met all critical Project milestones on this 5 mile, 345kV transmission line near Kenedy, TX.

Latimer 345kV

Spartan was specifically selected to perform the construction on the Latimer 345kV Transmission Replacement Project due to the complexity and coordination required to remove existing 345kV transmission facilities in a constrained work area adjacent to a major 345kV substation. The work was performed under an outage window that provided limited time for all work to be performed. A detailed work plan was developed through significant on‐site preconstruction coordination with the project owner and engineer.

Noble 345kV

Spartan’s scope for this 345kV transmission line project consisted of the installation of conductor and OPGW deadend assembles, installation of OPGW splice assemblies and downlead clamps, sagging, clipping, and dead-ending of two-bundle 795 ACSR “Drake” as well as one (1) 48-count OPGW and one (1) 3/8” 7-Strand EHS static wire on existing lattice structures. Spartan completed this 345kV transmission line project on schedule with an exceptional safety record.

Arrow Canyon 230kV

This new 230kV Transmission line was situated between two existing parallel 500kV lines near Las Vegas, Nevada. Spartan implemented project-specific safety measures and completed construction ahead of schedule with zero accidents, incidents or recordables.

Wister Solar

Spartan’s scope for this Project consisted of self-performing 100% of the construction scope for a new 92kV double circuit transmission line. Structure assembly/erection and wire pulling activities associated with connecting the new line to an existing line were completed during a coordinated 12-hour, nighttime outage.