Transmission Construction Capabilities

Self-perform all major components of transmission construction and critical support services

Spartan’s capabilities are highly respected in the transmission construction industry based on a long-term track record of superior leadership, performance, and technical expertise as well as consistently delivering the specialized heavy equipment resources, technical services, and construction personnel required to complete complex transmission projects.

Material Procurement and Logistics

Spartan has considerable experience in the planning, communication, and coordination required to supply and manage material for transmission projects utilizing multiple vendors, receiving locations, and delivery points. The team has longstanding relationships with all major transmission line material suppliers.

ROW Clearing/ Access Road Construction

Spartan’s full-service construction capabilities include ROW Clearing and Access Road and Pad Site Construction. These services are coordinated with our customers to ensure they meet their long-term operational needs. Our ROW clearing and civil construction fleet is fully capable of servicing all terrain types, including urban areas and remote mountain ranges. Specialized services are also available for sensitive locations such as wetlands and limited access zones.


Spartan has installed foundations throughout the U.S. in all types of soil conditions and has considerable experience in rock excavation, deep foundations, slurry drilling, and casing installation and removal. Spartan’s fleet of specialized drill rigs and support equipment enable our team to self-perform all phases of foundation installation.

Structure Installation

With a full complement of cranes and aerial equipment, structure installation capabilities include wood, concrete, and steel poles, lattice towers, and custom designed structures to accommodate project-specific features.

Conductor & OPGW Installation

Spartan has installed conductor, OPGW, and shield wire of varying sizes, bundles, and configurations. Capabilities include conductor installation in difficult and mountainous terrain including complex crossings of existing transmission lines, waterways, interstate highways, as well as coordinating operations through highly sensitive and environmentally restricted areas.

Restoration Services

Reclamation plans developed by Spartan consider all factors to include soil conditions, terrain, regional weather conditions, and current or planned land uses. Additional services include topsoil salvage, restoration earthworks, ROW seeding, noxious weed mitigation, site stabilization, and post construction monitoring. Utilizing a wide variety of techniques, Spartan implements the most suitable reclamation solutions designed to meet all client and regulatory requirements.

Project Monitoring and Controls

Spartan utilizes an innovative cloud-based ERP system to continually track, review, adjust, and report on project performance. Baselines and reporting protocols are developed with the customer upon contract award. Daily Reporting, Submittals, Requests for Information, Issues, Drawings, and Document Collaboration are all tracked through the ERP system and monitored to ensure the Project proceeds according to expectations.

Project Experience


Spartan has established a proven track record of industry-leading safety, quality, and performance. We take pride in consistently delivering the specialized heavy equipment resources, technical services, and construction personnel required to complete complex transmission projects safely and on schedule.

Rockhaven Wind 138kV

Despite significant schedule delays due to excessive rainfall, Spartan completed this 9-mile, single circuit, 138kV transmission line project by the original substantial completion date, with zero accidents, injuries, or lost time incidents. 

Western Trail 345kV

Spartan rapidly mobilized equipment and personnel to accelerate conductor, OPGW, anchor, and guy wire installation for a section of this 18-mile 345kV transmission line project. Spartan successfully completed construction of the transmission line with zero accidents, injuries, or lost time incidents.

Blue Jay Solar 138kV

Spartan mitigated an adverse schedule impact caused by significant rainfall events by modifying the construction plan to include utilization of timber matting to facilitate safe access to structure sites while also using specialized track mounted equipment to minimize unnecessary property damage. Spartan completed the project two weeks ahead of schedule and successfully restored the ROW to the satisfaction of our customer and private landowners