Specializing in High Voltage Transmission Construction

A proven team of industry leaders who understand the importance of safety, schedule, and teamwork.

safe, quality, and on-schedule construction

With an exclusive focus on transmission construction, Spartan provides transmission project sponsors a highly qualified contractor capable of delivering the most challenging and complex transmission projects safely and on schedule. The team’s project resume includes successfully completing several transmission projects that are critical to the U.S. power grid.

Spartan’s capabilities include specialized transmission construction methodologies such as helicopter-aided construction, limited access, disturbance minimization, and sensitive terrain construction. The Spartan team has worked with the largest and most sophisticated utility and government agency customers and has consistently completed complex transmission projects safely and on schedule.

Company Culture is the
Key Differentiation

With more than 30 years of technical and construction experience, Spartan provides the in-depth industry knowledge and expertise required to execute large, complex transmission projects with a clear vision to success.

The foundation of our proven team is built on our commitment to safety, quality, environmental compliance, and industry-leading performance.


Specializing in High Voltage Transmission Line Construction

Spartan’s value offering to customers is our proven ability to self-perform all major components of transmission line construction. Our core values are the foundation to safe, quality, and on-schedule construction.

Material Procurement & Logistics

ROW Clearing/ Access Road Construction


Structure Installation

Conductor & OPGW Installation

Restoration Services - Voltage Tower

ROW Cleanup & Site Restoration

Project Monitoring and Controls

Specialized Equipment Fleet

Specialized equipment fleet enables self-perform capability of all major aspects of transmission construction

Civil, Access Roads & EMS

Crew Trucks


Aerial Equipment

Wire Stringing


Project Experience


Spartan has established a proven track record of industry-leading safety, quality, and performance. We take pride in consistently delivering the specialized heavy equipment resources, technical services, and construction personnel required to complete complex transmission projects safely and on schedule.

Rockhaven Wind 138kV

Despite significant schedule delays due to excessive rainfall, Spartan completed this 9-mile, single circuit, 138kV transmission line project by the original substantial completion date, with zero accidents, injuries, or lost time incidents. 

Western Trail 345kV

Spartan rapidly mobilized equipment and personnel to accelerate conductor, OPGW, anchor, and guy wire installation for a section of this 18-mile 345kV transmission line project. Spartan successfully completed construction of the transmission line with zero accidents, injuries, or lost time incidents.

Blue Jay Solar 138kV

Spartan mitigated an adverse schedule impact caused by significant rainfall events by modifying the construction plan to include utilization of timber matting to facilitate safe access to structure sites while also using specialized track mounted equipment to minimize unnecessary property damage. Spartan completed the project two weeks ahead of schedule and successfully restored the ROW to the satisfaction of our customer and private landowners